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Species (Vernacular) & Description
Scientific Name Price Guide (Each)

African bullfrog
c/b 2018 large juvenile 45mm
Huge species with males capable of attaining 25cm. These are large juveniles around 4 months old. Avidly feeding on anything that will fit into their mouths.

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Pyxicephalus adspersus
3 reserved)


Anurans (frogs & toads)

Poison Frogs

Species (Vernacular) & Description
Scientific Name Price Guide (Each)

Green & Black poison dart frog
c/b 2018,sub-adult 30mm+
Relatively shy species that grows into quite a large dartfrog. Not difficult to keep and relatively easy to breed once established. This is a stunning, sought-after morph from Pena Blanca in Panama that was only introduced into the hobby in 2015. For up to two years the frogs appear with a rather dull blue and black pattern but then suddenly the stunning white and black markings (as in the specimen pictured) begin to show.

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Dendrobates auratus 'Pena Blanca'
(4 left)


Bumblebee poison dart frog
Understory Enterprises Import c/b 2018 sub-adults/adults 30mm+
Great starter species. Easy to keep and breed under suitable conditions. Bold, greedy and males have a loud call. This form is the banded Guyana morph which has solid (unbroken) bands of black and yellow/orange.

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Dendrobates leucomelas French Guyana
(2 available

£120.00 /2

Bumblebee poison dart frog
c/b 2019 juveniles 18mm+
Great starter species. Easy to keep and breed under suitable conditions. Bold, greedy and males have a loud call. These cannot be sexed.

Dendrobates leucomelas
(6 available)


Blue poison dart frog
UK-produced c/b 2019 juveniles 20mm+
Probably the most popular of the poison dart frogs, this stunning species grows to a good size (around 35 - 40mm) and is relatively easy to care for. These frogs are fromunrelated bloodlines and cannot be sexed.

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Dendrobates tinctorius azureus
(2 available)

£140.00 /2

Lowland phantasml poison frog
UK-produced c/b 2018, large juveniles to near -adults 15 - 20mm
Very popular and ideal starter species. Very prolific once breeding starts and has a voracious appetite. These are taking Drosophila melanogaster & hydei, and pinhead and small 1st instar crickets. Some are already calling.

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Epipedobates anthonyi
(15 left)
£20.00 or £60.00 /4

Strawberry poison dart frog
c/b 201
7 adult 20mm
The classic poison dart frog hailing from Costa Rica. Adults are relatively large for a pumilio - up to 22mm. The breeder of these said they are a pair.

Oophaga pumilio
'Blue Jeans'
(1 pair reserved)


Strawberry poison dart frog
c/b 2018 adults 18mm+
Fantastic bold species with numerous colour and geographic morphs. This gorgeous green/yellow with black spot morph occurs on the largest island in the Bocas Del Toro, Panama. Some of the specimens have orange legs.
These are a possible sexed pair.

Click here for larger image

Oophaga pumilio
' Colon'
(1 'pair' available)


Banded poison dart frog
UK-produced c/b 2018 20mm large juveniles
Easy species with a melodius call. Excellent for the beginner, relatively shy but bolder with age.

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Phyllobates vittatus
(2 left)


Amazonian red poison dart frog
c/b 2018 near-adult/adult 15mm+
Beautiful, small ventrimaculata-type species which has orange/red and black bands and reticulated black and blue hind limbs. Care is identical to R. ventrimaculata so they are a good beginner thumbnail species and relatively easy to breed. These are sold as unsexed.

Click here for larger image.

Ranitomeya amazonica Iquitos
5 left)



Other Frogs & Toads & Caecilians
Species (Vernacular) & Description
Scientific Name Price Guide (Each)
Lemur leaf frog
Adults 35mm +
Gorgeous tropical lowland species from Central America (Costa Rica down to Colombia). Also called Hylomantis lemur.
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Agalychnis lemur
(available to order)


Midwife toad
c/b 2018 large juveniles 15 - 20mm
Lovely little toad with fascinating reproductive behaviour. Males possess a bell-like call. Prodigious appetites and relatively easy to keep in a cool, woodland-style terrestrial vivarium.

Alytes obstetricans


Southern toad
Adults 55 - 70mm
The southern toad is a true toad native to the southeastern United States, from eastern Louisiana and southeastern Virginia south to Florida. It often occurs in areas with sandy soils. It is nocturnal and spends the day in burrows. Its coloring is usually brown but can be red, gray, or black. Very easy to keep eating a wide varierty of foods.

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Anaxyrus terrestris
(5 available)
£19.99 or £90.00 /5

European fire-bellied toad
Dartfrog-produced c/b 201
9 juveniles 15 - 20mm
Hardy, slow-growing but ultimately long-lived European species which is becoming increasingly difficult to find in captivity. These are from multiple bloodlines of which our adults came tadpoles produced by a German breeder but are unsexed.

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Bombina bombina
(14 available)

Giant fire-bellied toad
K-produced c/b 2019 juveniles 15mm+
Large fire-bellied toad from the mountains of southern China. Unusually males can grow larger than females. Needs a cool aquaterrarium with a regular supply of small foods. The water should be filtrated as it is prone to fungal disease especially on the eyes. Relatively easy to keep.

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Bombina maxima
(available to order)

Oriental fire-bellied toad (Korean green form)
Dartfrog-produced c/b 2018 juveniles 15mmes 15 - 25mm+
An attractive, easy-to-keep species requiring a semi-aquatic setup with lots of pond weed and a small basking area. These are plump healthy toads taking 1st crickets, Drosophila hydei, chopped worm and waxworm.

Click here for larger image

Bombina orientalis
(4 available)

Appenine yellow bellied toad
UK-produced c/b 2018 juveniles 20mm
We are pleased to offer this rare species which hails from central and southern Italy. It tends to have a smoother dorsum than Bombina variegata and the belly is yellow with blue tinges. Care is identical to Bombina variegata although this species can tolerate warmer conditions.

Click here for larger image and a belly shot

Bombina pachypus
(available to order)


European yellow bellied toad
Dartfrog-produced c/b 2018 juveniles 12mm+
This species is proving difficult to obtain these days and this is first time we have been able to offer them for quite some time. Superb hardy species for the temperate semi-aquatic set-up or can even be kept in a greenhouse or outdoor vivarium in protected places.

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Bombina variegata variegata
(10 available)

European green toad
Dartfrog-produced c/b 2017/18 large juveniles/sub-adults 50 - 65mm
Gorgeously patterned toad. Very plump with a voracious appetite. These are the true European form. The specimens are of Hungarian origin from German-bred stock.

Click here for larger image

Bufo viridis viridis
4 left)


European green tree frog
Dartfrog-produced c/b 2019 large juveniles 18mm+
A hardy tree frog that makes a great vivarium or greenhouse subject.
Males possess a loud raucous call. Feeding on fruit flies and small crickets.
These are juveniles from frogs produced in late April.
Males call vociferously when mature and these should breed next year.

Click here for larger image

Hyla arborea arborea
(4 available)

Grey tree frog
UK-produced c/b 2019 juveniles 15mm
Easy USA-native species for the vivarium or greenhouse set up. Prefers a tall vivarium with a few leafy foliage plants. These are genuine captive bred juveniles grown on and taking 1st instar crickets, curly-winged flies and Drosophila.

Click here for larger image

Hyla versicolor
(available to order)

Fleischann's glass frog
Adults 22 - 30mm
As their name suggests, you can see of their internal organs with the naked eye, which makes them a truely fascinating animal. A well planted arboreal setup would ensure this stunning species thrives in captivity. Increasingly being bred in captivity.
Click here for larger image

Hyalinobatrachium fleischmanni
(available to order)

Painted Mantella
Dartfrog-produced c/b 2018 F1 grown-on juveniles 15mm +
Stunning species, slightly more intensely coloured and larger than Mantella madagascariensis. Requires similar conditions to Mantella aurantiaca. These are healthy, plump specimens taking Drosophila, small crickets and aphids.

Click here for larger image
Mantella baroni
(3 left)


Yellow Mantella
Understory Enterprises c/b 2016 sub-adults 17mm+
A variable Madagascan species preferring cooler temperatures than most dartfrogs ideally in the 65 - 72°F range. We have a small number of frogs that are yellow-orange with black flanks and are taking springtails, pinhead crickets and melanogaster fruitflies.

Click here for larger image
Mantella crocea
(3 available)
Bronze Leaf Mantella
UK-produced c/b 2016 juveniles 15mm
Found in the rainforests and plantations of north-eastern and north-western Madagascar, this species tolerates warmer conditions than the golden mantella. Eggs are laid in clumps near water or on leaves overhanging water (still or very slow-moving). Very underrated species with attractive two tone coloration of bronze dorsum and black flanks/underside.

Click here for larger image
Mantella ebenaui
(4 left)
Parker's Mantella
Understory Enterprises import c/b 2017 grown-on juveniles 20mm
A species showing Batesian mimicry, i.e. a non-toxic species that mimics the toxic Mantella baroni. Rarely available these days.

Click here for larger image
Mantella pulchra
(4 available)
Green Mantella
UK-produced c/b 2017 near-adults 30mm
Attractive species which grows slightly larger than the golden mantella and is also somewhat more shy. Otherwise easy to maintain with a prodigious appetite. Requires slightly warmer temperatures than the Mantella aurantiaca.

Click here for larger image
Mantella viridis
(2 available)
£80.00 /2

Bumblebee toad
UK-produced c/b 2018 grown-on juveniles 12mm+
These are stunning diurnal toads from shrub and arable areas of Paraguay and Argentina. Females are larger than males. Most of the toads previously described as Melanophryniscus stelzneri in the hobby are probably this species.
These are genuine UK-produced F1 specimens that are in superb condition and taking pinhead crickets, aphids and fruit fly.

Melanophryniscus klappenbachi
(available to order)


Eastern spadefoot toad
UK-produced c/b 2018 grown-on juveniles 30mm+
Widespread fossorial species from Eastern USA (New York to Florida). Voracious feeders, these will reach maturity relartively quickly. Provide a woodland-style vivarium with loose, loamy sil into which they burrow.

Click here for larger image

Scaphiosus holbrookii
(available to order)


Amazon milking frog
UK-produced c/b 2018 large juveniles 40mm
Beautiful large Souther American arboreal species. Feeding on 3rd instar crickets, curly-winged flies and waxmoths.

Click here for larger image

Trachycephalus resinifictrix
(2 left)




Caudata (newts & salamanders) & Caecilians (Gymnophiona)
Species (Vernacular) & Description (size is snout - tail tip)
Scientific Name Price Guide

California climbing salamander
Dartfrog-produced c/b 2018 juveniles 5cm+
Impressive tree-dwelling species from California. Males in particular develop large mandible muscles and will not hesitate to attack and bite when provoked. Excellent species for captivitry requiring an arboreal vivarium with a large oak or other deciduous log in which to hide and lay its eggs. Feeding on crickets, waxworm, spiders and similar. Juveniles take 2 - 3 years to reach maturity. We will provide a care sheet when purchased. We can provide unrelated specimens from 3 successful pairings.

[click here for larger picture]

Aneides lugubris
(6 left)


Image coming soon

Hokkaido Salamander
UK-produced c/b 2019 large juveniles 50mm+
Rarely available salamander from the north Japan island of Hokkaido.
Needs a cool woodland-style vivarium with a reasonable water area. Adults attain 11 - 20cm. Generally a brown colour but often with gold fleck along the head and dorsum. Feeds on insets, grubs and worms.

Hynobius retardus
(6 available)


Southern Italian Alpine newt
UK-produced c/b 2017 near-adults 70mm+
Rarely available subspecies of alpine newt from the Calabrian region of southern Italy where it is restricted to just 5 lakes. Fortunately quite easy to breed in captivity. Adults grow to be slightly larger than the nominate form but are otherwise similar. A highly aquatic subspecies too but general care as for the nominate form.

[click here for larger picture of male] [click here for picture of adult pair]

Ichthyosaura alpestris inexpectatus
(3 pairs available)

£40.00 /pair

North-western Banded newt
UK-produced c/b 2019 grown-on juveniles 40mm+
Stunning species of newt from
north-west Turkey along the Black Sea coast. Currently in a terrestrial phase but can mature in as quick as 18 months with a proper diet.

Ommatotrition nesterovi
(available to order)

Lined fire salamander
UK-produced c/b 2019 grown-on juveniles 60mm+
The typical morph with yellow lines (and thus thinner black lines). Taking slugs, worms, wax worm and crickets.

[click here for larger picture]

Salamandra salamandra terrestris
(available to order)


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