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ExoTerra Habisphere
The Exo Terra Habisphere is a compact and aesthetically pleasing glass terrarium, created to fit any desk- or countertop. The stylish bent front window allows a unique viewing angle of the terrarium setup and its inhabitants. Energy efficient day and night LED lights are integrated in the top lid and controlled by a simple touch button. Access through the top lid as well as the removable back panel make the Habisphere easy to install and maintain. The Habisphere comes with a natural photographic background (reversible), but the unique double background panel also allows you to customize the visual theme of your terrarium by exchanging the background image with your own pictures or various other themed images that are available for download from www.exo-terra.com. The Habispere is ideal for smaller ground dwelling animals like geckos, frogs, invertebrates and snakes. RRP £133.99

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Lucky Reptile Thermo Control II
The Thermo Control PRO II reptile thermostat is an upgrade from the Thermo Control II in that you can switch into day and night mode. This is done through the realtime clock and two temperature circuits which make it possible to set different temperatures for day and night. The thermostat can be switched from Heating to Cooling mode, e.g. for using fans. The maximum load is 1000W and the temperature area 0 - 50°C

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Monkfield Nutrition Herbi Floor 10L
This is a perfect substrate for tortoise, iguanas, and many other reptiles. This product is very absorbent, and helps to neutralise odours, whilst enhancing the natural look of a terrarium; therby creating a wonderfully environment for your pet.

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Amphibians of Oregon, Washington & British Colombia
by Cochran & Thoms
A superb softback field identification guide to the stunning amphibians of this region.176 pages with over 250 colour photographs. Click here for larger image.
- 1 available ( RRP £12.99)

Four Paws Vivarium Lining
12 x 36 " (RRP £7.59)
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Four Paws Vivarium Lining
12 x 24" (RRP £6.49)
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Clear Reflector Spot Lamp
100W 240V, 80mm diameter, bayonet, diffused(RRP £3.89)
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Spanish edition of Reptilia magazine. Price is per 10 copies (our selection). Good for Spanish-readers or those that enjoy excellent pictures (2 x 10 sets left) £5.00 / 10 copies