Climate Control
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Heating, Ventilation & Temperature Control

Vivaria Thermo Cable Safe
Safe low voltage silicon cable 10 watt and 3.5m in length.

Thermo Cable Safe is a single wire silicon heater cable with transformer.
The voltage is only 12V making it much safer than common heater cables
with 230 Volts, where damage to the cable can cause a life endangering shock.
It is excellent for use in terrariums and can also be used under water, e.g. in aquatic situations.


Silicone Heating Cables
Adaptable heating cable covered with silicone. You determine where the warm places in your Terrrarium will be (ground, branches etc..). Simple and robustly. For control of the temperature we recommend a good quality thermostat with the correct voltage rating.

One-core, 15 Watt,
230 V, length 4 m
One-core, 25 Watt,
230 V, length 5 m
One-core, 50 Watt,
230 V, length 7 m
One-core, 80 Watt,
230 V, length 9 m

Ceramic Heat Bulb
A pure heat emitter by which the whole energy is delivered in heat. Because of the large heat output only use with ceramic socket and with a relevant thermostat. Very effective for localised heating of large vivaria.

60 Watt,
thread socket E 27
100 Watt,
thread socket E 27
150 Watt,
thread socket E 27
200 Watt,
thread socket E 27
250 Watt,
thread socket E 27

Nano Ceramic Heater
Zoo Med's Ceramic Heat Emitter is now available in NANO size!
The beauty of these is that they will quite happily fit on the mesh strip at the top of the vivarium without toucing the glass.
Ceramic Heat Emitters are the perfect 24 hour heat source for all tropical amphibians. These porcelain heating devices screw into a standard porcelain incandescent socket, giving off air-warming infrared heat.
Requires an E27 connection kit (see below) and small reflector.
We always recommend using in conjunction with a thermostat.


Pearlco Budget Reflector
No frills shiny aluminium reflector suitable for lamps and heaters. Available in two sizes small (up to 100W) and large (up to 300W)

Small (14cm)
Large (21cm)

Namiba Terra Protectorep Reflector & Guard
Superb brushed aluminium reflector for ceramic bulbs or other heater lamps. Comes complete with a mesh guard. Can be used in conjunction with the ceramic DIY kit (below).
Available in 3 sizes.

14cm diameter
Up to 60W
21cm diameter
Up to 150W
25cm diameter
Up to 300W

Namiba Terra Protectorep Clamp Lamp
As above but with everything included to just screw in your ceramic bulb or spot lamp and go plus a clamp if you want to attach it somwhere!
Superb brushed aluminium reflector for ceramic bulbs or other heater lamps. Comes complete with a mesh guard.
Available in 3 sizes.

14cm diameter
Up to 60W
21cm diameter
Up to 150W
25cm diameter
Up to 300W

Trough Ceramic Heaters
These special emitters do not use in E27 sockets but are connected directly to a power cable (has to be purchased separately). They are shipped complete with reflector which allows for a good heat distribution over a larger area. Two models are available. We strongly recommend these are used in conjunction with a good quality thermostat.
Discontinued but a few left

125 Watt
Currently unavailable
300 Watt
Connector block, 2m cable & fused plug for above

Ceramic DIY Kit
Lamp socket (do-it-yourself kit), to 300W.
Ready for use, with electrical wire,
switch, threaded sleeve plus cap screw E 27 for lamps & ceramics up to 300 W.


2-core Flex
Power cable for use with many of the European heating and lighting systems we sell.


Ceramic Lamp Holder angled
Ceramic Lamp socket, E27, up to 300 W elbow 30°


Ceramic Lamp Holder straight
Ceramic Lamp socket, E27, up to 300 W straight


Ceramic Lamp Holder straight hanging
Ceramic Lamp socket, E27, up to 300 W straight with a metal ring to hang from a shelf or hood

Habistat Mat Stat
A simple and economical but quality thermostat for use with the Thermolux heat mats and silicone heating cables that we sell. For mats/heat cables rated at 100W and below.

Habistat Temperature Stat
The Temperature Thermostat is an on/ off switching devise, that can be used with a variety of heaters. It has an accurate dial calibrated in both Farenheit and Celcius. Ideal for controlling heat mats, ceramic heaters and other low powered heaters up a maximum load of 300 watts. One of the best selling thermostats in Europe.
Habistat Pulse-Proportional Thermostat
Sophisticated pulse proportional thermostat, ideal for controlling higher power ceramic heaters. The function of this thermostat is far more sophisticated than the simpler on/off switching devices. It will very accurately control heaters and has a maximum load of 600 watts. A normal thermostat switches a heater on full power until the set temperature is achieved. It then switches the heater off completely until the temperature drops below the set value, when the cycle starts over again. The gap between the heater being switched on and then off is called hysteresis. It is between these points that the accuracy of the controller is assessed. The pulse proportional thermostat pulses electricity to the heater.
Thermostat microcomputer T3 heating/cooling day/night
Highly accurate, this thermostat can be switched between heating and cooling. It has a light sensor and you can preset a different desired temperature between day and night.
The sensor can be used in water and in air. This hygrostat is highly accurate through the newest electronic components.
It can stir coolers or heaters up to 2500 Watt.
For more information click here
Whisper silent ventilator Twin Pack
Temperature regulated. Extreme silent ventilator.
To be used for temperature reduction of vivariums and aquarium hoods, greenhouse ventilation etc. 12 Volts with converter 12/220 Volts. The ventilation speed can be adjusted between 1000 and 2500 RPM. Available in 2 fan sizes - 40mm square and 60mm square. Up to 4 fans can be run from the same power source. A schuko adapter is required for the 2-pin power source on these systems.
For more information click here
40mm square silent fan set
60mm square silent fan set
Splitter for whisper silent ventilator (above)
Increase the number of fans on this ventliator using this splitter and then purchasing the fan below.
Additional fan for whisper silent ventilator (above)
Available in two sizes 40mm and 60mm square.
40mm fan
60mm fan
Square ventilator
For cooling of the light hood.
220 Volts only. 80x80x25 mm.
Long ventilator
For vivarium ventilation.
220 Volts only. 260x60x60 mm.
Easy Heat Mini Water Heater
220/240 Volts only. Available in two power ratings 25W and 50W
Super little heater (15cm length, 1.3cm diameter) ideal for very small water areas where it will raise the water temperature (up to a maximum of 30L for the 25W, or 60L for the 50W) to 25°C.

25W: £21.99
50W: £24.99
Heating element for aquatic situations
220 Volts only. 200 Watt.
Adjustable heater with extra thick glass and extra long flex.
Length 32 cm.

Lucky Reptile Thermo Mat Pro
These heat mats fulfill all wishes of the moisture-loving amphibians. They are waterproof and have a insulation for protection. A special heat conductor ensures an even surface heat. The Thermo Mat PRO is excellent for use in wet surroundings or even submerged. In addition the heat mat has a special overheat protector which switches off the heat mat in case of too high temperatures (e.g. local overheating because of unsuitable substrate). This minimizes the danger of fire and the risk of damage to the terrarium floor. However it is essential to use the right substrate and have a correct installation, as the heat mat cannot heat properly otherwise. There are currently 4 models available.
Thermo Mat Pro 10W 15 x 25cm, 220V £24.99
Thermo Mat Pro 20W 20 x 35cm, 220V £29.99
Thermo Mat Pro 30W 30 x 50cm, 220V £34.99
Thermo Mat Pro 40W 40 x 60cm, 220V £39.99
Digital Thermo-hygrometer LTH-32 PRO
Combined external sensor for temperature and humidity, with memory function.
This slim thermo-hygrometer has a combo sensor for measuring the temperature and humidity. The device can be placed outside the vivarium, where it is protected from humidity and is easy to read, while the combo sensor is placed inside the vivarium. A Min/Max function is available to store the highest and lowest measured humidity and temperature values.
This is made by Lucky Reptile and replaces the previous thermo-hygrometer sold by Vivaria.

[click here for larger picture ]
Digital Thermo-hygrometer LTH-34 DELUXE PRO
As above but with two probes - one for temperature/humidty combined and one for temperature only

[click here for larger picture ]
Analogue Thermo-hygrometer
Measures the humidity and temperature inside your vivarium.

This analogue measuring device is perfect for environments with high humidity.
It has to be installed inside the terrariums as the temperature/humidity is measured directly at the device.

Adhesive tape at the back of the device allows for quick and easy installation. Made by Lucky Reptile.
Humidity & Humidity Control

Power Pump Misting System
The quietest pump on the market by far!
Can service up to 35 nozzles!
Adjustable water flow. Makes no noise. Price is for pump and small transformer.
Perfect for misting complete frog rooms or small orchid nurseries & greenhouses.
Please note that this pump comes with power supply and connector adaptors for tubing only. Requires a schuko-adapter.


Extended Misting System
Superb new addition for those with more than 7 vivaria to mist.
Manages up to 100 nozzles! Adjustable water flow. Quiester than the basic misting system. Perfect for misting frog rooms, orchid nurseries, greenhouses etc. For more information click here
Requires a schuko-adapter
Special Offer
As below plus additional 6 nozzles, 6 x 6mm t-connectors/elbows, 5m of 6mm tube, 2m of 4mm tube, 25L water reservoir and euro adapter.(RRP £227.96)
Please note if ordering outside the UK we will send a 13L water container instead (unless DPD as the delivery type is selected in the EU)
Basic Misting System
230 Volts. Complete system with 2 nozzles (compl.) high pressure pump, in-line filter etc. Can service up to 10 nozzles.
Now includes a burn-out protection module.
Suitable for UK
Requires a euro-adapter.

Pump and pump holder
230 Volts. No copper or brass parts
Please note this includes inlet and outlet tubing and a power cable. Does not include nozzles, burn-out connector or other parts.
Requires a euro-adapter.


Burnout Protector
Burnout protection for BMS pump
Available for 110 and 220 Volts.
Click here for more information on correct installation


Nozzle complete - red nozzle tip (rest black) with no drip
To turn in every direction with bulkhead union to fit the nozzle in 10mm drilled holes.
Possesses finer couplings and with a no drip function. This will ensure that there is no “post dripping” when
the pump is shut off.


Nozzle (A) - red nozzle tip (rest black) with black connection with no drip
Without bulkhead union.
Nozzle (B) - red nozzle tip (rest black) with no drip
Without bulkhead union and plug-in elbows.

Misting nozzle - red
All plastic, no copper or brass parts

Nozzles combined complete - red (nozzle tip (rest black) with no drip
2 nozzles to turn in every direction, reaching the complete vivarium with bulkhead union to fit the nozzle in one 10mm drilled hole.


Filter in-line
For purified water and rainwater. This is a new larger filter and will last on average 6 months with daily use.


4mm inlet/outlet, 10mm screw thread


Connector elbow
4mm inlet/4mm outlet


'O' ring
This sits behind the nozzle head. Black


Elbow 4 mm


Tee-connector 4 mm


Blind Stop 4 mm


2-way divider 4 mm


Cross connector 4 mm


Elbow 6 mm


Tee-connector 6 mm


Blind Stop 6 mm


2-way divider 6 mm


Cross connector 6 mm


Reducer 6 to 4 mm


Stop individual nozzles from working.


Non return valve 6mm
If you plug this non return valve in the 6mm tube near the pump, it will reduce the problem that your nozzles still keep dripping after the pump has stopped.

Tube 4 mm per meter  £0.59

Tube 6 mm per meter


Tube PVC per meter


Euro connector and flex for basic misting system



Lucky Reptile 5L Water Container
The smallest container for systems with 1 - 8 nozzles. With a carry handle. We also sell these as waste water receptacles for the drainage system.


13L Water Container
Water container for the misting-system with 1 - 35 nozzles. Has an 8mm fitting for tube connection to pump. The screw on top allows for easy cleaning of the container.


25L Water Barrel
Our largest water contaienr for systems with 1 - 100 nozzles. Complete with rubber bung and connecting 2m length of PVC tube (connects to misting pump via inline filter).

Advanced Misting System
Stainless steel pressure pump 230 Volts
70 l/min, max 5,4 bar - 1,1 KW.
Maximum capacity - 100 nozzles.
Weight is 16Kg
Ideal for heavy usage such as zoo's, public aquaria and large greenhouses.
Advanced Misting System
Ball valve 40 mm x 1¼
Advanced Misting System
Tank connector 40 mm x 1½

Advanced Misting System
Plain union 16 mm

Advanced Misting System
Plain reducer 25 mm x 20 mm

Advanced Misting System
Male adapter 32 mm x 25 mm x 1

Advanced Misting System
Socket 20 mm x 16 mm x 3/8
Advanced Misting System
Male connector 8 mm x 3/8
Advanced Misting System
Tee-connector 16 mm x 3/8
Advanced Misting System
Elbow 16 mm x 3/8

Advanced Misting System
Male adapter 50 mm x 40 mm x 1¼

Advanced Misting System
Reducer 8 to 6 mm

Advanced Misting System
Reducer 8 to 4 mm

Advanced Misting System
Plain reducer 20 x 16 mm

Advanced Misting System
Pipe 40 mm

 £3.99 /metre
Advanced Misting System
Pipe 16mm (comes in 0.5m lengths)

 £2.99 /metre
Advanced Misting System
Elbow 16 mm 90 degrees

Advanced Misting System
Tee-connector 16 mm


Lucky Reptile Thermo control thermostat
This thermostat has a real time clock and two temperature circuits which make it possible to set different temperatures for day and night.

The switching between Day/Night mode is set through the clock.
The smallest time unit of the timer is one minute.
Two possible ON/OFF times can be set like with a normal timer.
In addition the device can be switched from Heating to Cooling mode, e.g. for using fans.
It has an alarm function for temperature differences, and a external heat sensor with
3 meters cable.

The maximum load is 1000W and the temperature area 0-50°C.


Lucky Reptile Humidity Control II
Two circuits for day 7 night mode
Realtime clock
Separate Timer Function
Measured humidity is displayed
External heat sensore with 3m cable
Can be switched between humidifying and de-humidifying mode
Alarm function for humddity differences
Precise external sensor
Receptacle for Schuko plugs
Maximum Load is 500W
For more information click here


Lucky Reptile Super Fog Humidifier

The Lucky Reptile Super Fog is a high performance humidifier for installation outside of the terrarium. The device has an integrated 2L water tank and with the included tube the humidity is channelled into the terrarium. The humidity output can be adjusted through a front dial on the device.
The Super Fog is excellent for humidifying large terrariums and even whole terarium units but can also be used for smaller terrariums.

We supply the European version of this model as we have found them to be more reliable than the UK version. An adapter for the plug is provided FOC.


Ultrasonic Mister 25mm Pipe A200
Connecting PVC pipe for the above ultrasonic misters. Use elbows to direct the pipe into the vivarium. Price is per metre.

Ultrasonic Mister 25mm elbow (90° angle)
PVC elbow to connect the above pipework
Ultrasonic Mister 25mm elbow (45° angle)
PVC elbow to connect the above pipework
Ultrasonic Mister 25mm t-connector
PVC t-connector to connect the above pipework
Ultrasonic Mister 25mm cross connector
PVC cross connector to connect the above pipework
Timers & Monitoring Equipment

Electronic 24 hour timer Euro 2-pin version
Twenty-four hour timer.
To switch on your lighting. (220/240 Volts only).
Can be used in combination with our seconds timer to mist your vivarium.


Electronic 24 hour timer UK 3-pin version
Twenty-four hour timer.
To switch on your lighting. (220/240 Volts only).
Can be used in combination with our seconds timer to mist your vivarium.


Electronic minute timer
German quality. 20 individual on/off programs
with a shortest on time of 1 minute.
Easy to program, clear display
(220 Volts only).
Ideal for our Basic Misting System
or to switch off/on lighting systems


Dartfrog Mechanical Seconds timer
This timer is adjustable from 0-30 seconds. Your existing timer will switch on this timer which takes over control for the second duration set-up you require. Can be easily mounted on any surface. 230 Volt. 2-pin European plug/socket (needs a 2 - 3 pin adaptor for use in the UK)

Out of Stock

Seconds Timer
This is a digital timer and has a minimum time setting of one second!
This makes it excellent for controlling rain systems.Over the time frame of a week, up to 8 ON/OFF time settings can be programmed, e.g. a program can be repeated daily, or there is the possibility to program the device to work only on a special week day. This gives you the highest possible flexibility for controlling your vivarium equipment.
A replaceable battery ensures saving of the setting. The maximum wattage is 3500W.
Please note that this the European 2-pin model.


Lucky Reptile Interval Timer
This timer is designed to allow the use of a device for certain time periods in
intervals, e.g. you can use a fogger for 5 minutes every 2 hours with this device.
Possible Working Times are: 15 s, 30 s, 1 min, 2 min, 5 min and 10 min.
Time Periods are: every 15 min, 30 min, 1 h, 2 h, 4 h, 6 h, 12 h and 24 h.
The timer is very easy to use and compared to a normal timer is can also work with settings in the second area. Excellent for use with foggers, humidifiers and rain systems.
Now with memory function! After a power loss the device will restart at the beginning of the remaining time
(e.g. if 56 min were left, the device will start again at 1h after power has been restored).
Please note that this a European 2-pin model.


2 to 3 pin euro adaptor
For use with some of the European equipment we supply


2 to 3 pin schuko adaptor
For use with some of the European equipment we supply



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