LED Lighting
Last updated: 07-03-2016


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LED lighting is the big new thing in reptile/amphibian keeping having been used in marine fish keeping for a number of years. The benefits are high output lighting, low power consumption and long lifespan. The units are relatively expensive but this far outweighs the cost of replacing bulbs over say a 25 year life.
Please note the Solar Raptor items are special order from the German manufacturers and delivery can take up to 3 weeks (usually less though) as we only carry small numbers in stock.

Price Guide
Arcadia Jungle Dawn
The Arcadia Jungle Dawn is a full spectrum LED plant growth lamp with proven results. This energy efficient product emits light at 6.5k kelvin which is commonly thought of as the colour of natural sunlight. The Arcadia Jungle Dawn has been specifically designed for explosive plant growth and great colour rendition of plants and animals in mind. Using a quality chip full of high grade LEDs set into a Flood design this lamp really does power light right into the depths of any planted terrarium where this light is required most and even through a mesh. This LED lamp is perfect to be used alongside the Arcadia Reptile range of UVB lamps to increase the amount of visible light and to provide live plants with all of the light that they need to grow at incredible rates. Available as a 9W, 13W & 22W ES lamp unit, the Jungle Dawn can be used in any suitable ES Lampholder or fitting. See here for more details on the lamps.
9W (9cm length)
13W (11cm length)
22W (27cm length
AR Jungle Dawn LED Spot, 40W
Arcadia Reptile is once again delighted to be able to offer a brand new and even more powerful Full spectrum LED spot lamp to our Jungle Dawn range. This Internally ballasted super powerful LED ‘spot’ lamp is complete with active fan cooling and provides a MASSIVE PAR of over 2500 at 10cms from the unit. This level of energy ensures that the Arcadia Reptile Jungle Dawn LED SPOT will provide stunning plant growth rates and high visible light levels to enclosures that have never been possible before. It is suitable for planted vivaria of more than 3’high. This product may also be used in shallower enclosures for high light level species of plant and of course over Zoological exhibits. This impressive Full spectrum LED spot lamp uses cutting edge science and ever improving technology to generate explosive plant growth rates in larger, deeper enclosures without any compromise to the full spectrum colour of light. The 40w Arcadia Jungle Dawn Spot lamp uses all of the useful features of its shorter cousins, 6500k Kelvin full spectrum colour, E27 screw fitting, high CRI, can be used anywhere in the world, internal ballast, 60 degree lenticular lens and has active fan cooling. See here for more details.

Solar Stinger Sunstrip LED-lighting
The LED sunstrip captivates with its slim design and can therefore be integrated into almost any traditional aquarium cover. Through the specially designed Z-Holder (optional extra), the LED Sunstrip can be simply placed on the terrarium. Alternatively it can be housed inside the vivarium (as it is waterproof) by means of the holder plates (optional extra).
Through the different colors of light the LED Sunstrip is suitable for many applications.
In addition the combination of multiple LED SunStrips allows different colours and a variety of lighting simulations for the

• appealing, sleek aluminium design.
• and caps made of high strength ASB plastic.
• PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylat) lens board.
• no infrared or UV radiation.
• eco-friendly by using eco-friendly materials.
• mercury free.
• low voltage operation.
• minimum lifetime: 35.000hrs.
• optimal heat management.
• operation of up to four LED SunStrips on one power supply.

technical details:
• for 230/240 Volt-operation
• SMD LED-Typ 3528
• 20 Watts per Meter
• CosPhi: >0,98 (depends on power supply)
• CRI3: >80

available in daylight 6500°K but we can also order in 15000°K Coral-Plant, Deep Blue and Marine lamps which are the same price per unit.

Available in 13 models to suit all vivarium dimensions:-
from 200mm, 11 watts
length: 900mm, 18 watts


All systems come with 1m connector cable, driver (power supply unit) and power cable/plug:

200mm 6W
300mm 8W
400mm 10W
500mm 11W
600mm 12W
700mm 14W
800mm 16W
900mm 17W
1000mm 19W
1100mm 21W
1200mm 22W
1300mm 23W
1400mm 24W

LED extension/connecting cables
• power protection class: IP66
• 0.5 - 2m length
• can be daisy-chained to form longer cable
• 3-core in black

  LED sunstrip power cable
1m power cable with european schuko 2 pin plug. A 2 - 3 pin adaptor can be purchased separately if required.
Power cable
2 -3 pin adapter
Z-holder for the LED sunstrip
The Z-Holder allows mounting of the LED Sunstrips in almost any situation. For instance it can be placed on the side windows of the vivarium & the two holes at the top of the Z-Holders alternatively allow permanent installation.
It is constructed of ABS plastic (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer). This plastic material has high impact resistance, high surface hardness and also has good oil resistance.
Plate Holder for LED sunstrip
The LED Sunstrip can easily be installed on each tank. The Plate Holder is the universal connection between the LED and Sunstrip Strip Holder, this combination is longitudinally movable and can be rotated 90 degrees to the left or right. The strip holder can access all standard glass thicknesses by means of nylon screws but the appropriate-sised holes must be pre-drilled into the glass.
It is constructed of ABS plastic (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer). This plastic material has high impact resistance, high surface hardness and also has good oil resistance.

LED sunstrip Bridge Holder
A very simple way of mounting an LED Sunstrip to the side of a vivarium.
For the smaller sunstrips i.e. 200 - 400mm length use a single bridge, for anything longer use 2 bridge holders so that the weight of the sunstrip is evenly distributed.
LED sunstrip T5 / T8 holder
The T5/T8-holders permits the conversion of existing systems with the T5 or T8 LED Sunstrip. The power supply of the LED Sunstrip is ensured by an external low voltage power supply (sold separately)
T5 2-pack
T8 2-pack


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