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Last updated: 11-05-2017


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Aside from the specialised Dulux and T5 ranges we also now offer the superb energy-saving Solar Raptor LED lighting system. For such a low energy rating the light output is astounding and the lamps are very long-life, at a minimum 15,000 hours and will probably last 20 years +.
Also we stock the popular compact UV lighting systems.
In addition for very large or display vivaria then the HQI range offers unparalleled halide lighting to ensure the best plant growth.

Price Guide
Specialist UV

Budget UV light Complete system 7 Watt UV-A lamp
Incl. lamp, ballast and wire.
220 Volts only.

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Budget UV lamp 7 Watt UV-A
Lamp only for above.
Used to UV levels in vivaria where required. Does not emit much light.
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Namiba-Terra UV-Replux® Energiesaver Lamps (UV-A)
UV-Replux® Energiesaver lamps are specificallyl developed for small vivaria where standardsized fluorescent tubes cannot be used and are relatively bright. They can also be used to boost UV levels in larger vivaria.
Available in 3 wattages - 7, 9 and 11.


Ballast and lamp-holder
For 7 Watt UV-A. 220 Volts only.


Heat resistant. Price is per meter or in a 100m coil

Metre length
100m coil

Shiny aluminium light hood
19" (48cm) x 4" (10cm) x 2" (5cm)
manufactured in Holland and suitable for the 24 & 36W Dulux lighting systems. Holes can be easily drilled into the aluminium for securing the lamp bracket, ballast and an entry hole for the power cable.
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Arcadia Lampholder Set for D3 Compact lamp
Arcadia is offering a complete lampholder set with E27 porcelain socket, power chord (with On/Off switch) and holding bracket. The set is mainly designed for use with Arcadia's compact fluorescent lamp series but can be used with other E27 lighting products as well. A reflector for the Arcadia compact fluorescent lamps is available separately.


Arcadia D3 Compact 23 Watt Lamp
Innovative UV-Lamp with 7 % UVB and 30 % UVA, Socket E27. As with the D3 reptile tube, this lamp has been designed to satisfy the U.V. requirements of reptiles which rely on skin synthesis of Vitamin D3 - in fact, at 7%, the UVB output is actually an increase on that produced by the linear tube at 5%. It is a single ended lamp, with a standard E27 screw fitting, which can be used in a small vivarium, where installation of a tube may not be convenient, to provide complete illumination. Alternatively, it can be used in a medium to large vivarium to create a basking area within the enclosure.
In either case, using the Arcadia Compact reflector, will maximise the light output. This 23Watt energy saving lamp, actually has an output equivalent to a regular bulb of 120Watts, and does not require the use of a ballasted controller, as in the case of regular fluorescent tubes. There is now also a 10% UVB version.

7% version:
10% version:

Arcadia Reflector
This reflector has been designed especially for the Arcadia Compact Fluorescent Lamp series including the D3 Compact. It is clipped directly onto the lamp and is designed for use with Arcadia E27 Lampholder Set. A wire mesh prevents the animals from getting in contact with the lamp.


Namiba Terra Ceramic Socket for D3 Compact Lamps
A budget version of the Arcadia lampholder set and possesses a small reflector.


Arcadia Mini-UVB light kit
This is a full kit consisting of the light bar with integrated switch (electronic ballast) power cable, 1.5m link cable, fitting kit, specially designed multi use reflector and 2.4% UVB full spectrum+UVB lamp. Provides gentle UVB light and is ideal for crepuscular species. Up to 10 units can be run from one power supply using the 1.5m link cables provided with each kit. The fully integrated units can be easily installed inside vivariums, tray/rack systems, RUBS or bird aviaries using the screws included. The kit is 34cm in length (30cm lamp) so is suitable for our popular 40cm width dartfrog vivaria.


Namiba Terra Compact UV Sun, 23 Watt
A budget version of the Arcadia lamp, the Namiba Compact UV Sun is a consequent advancement of the compact UV lamps availabe on the market. The lamp has a high UV perfomance sufficient for all amphibian species, with UVB being effective up to 50 cm distance of the lamp surface.
In addition the complete spectrum of the lamp has been inproved, resulting in warmer and more natural colours. A lot of consideration has also gone into the quality of the product. Consequently the lamps are not produced in China like most of the competition but in Europe by one of the leading UV specialists, using only high quality components. The Compact UV Sun can be used in all E27 sockets thanks to the integrated ballast. 6% UVB, 30% UVA

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HQ Lighting

Compact HQI beamer
Without lamp and mounting access.
220 Volts only.
High-powered lighting used for for illuminating plants/vivaria from a height of more than 120 cm.
Dimensions 200x100x200cm
Available in 70W (height 120 - 180cm)
and 150W (height 180cm+)

Special order - please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery

70W Model:
Out of Stock
150W Model:
Out of Stock

HQI lamp Unit
Replacement lamps for HQI beamers
Special order - please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery

70W lamp
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150W lamp
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