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Last updated: 11-07-2016


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PVC drip system
Pipe, elbows, taps, sockets and
stops included. Additional components will be added soon.
For overview click here or for construction diagram click here. Please not no pump is included - you need to purchase this separately.

For the individual component price list click here
Toro 9-outlet manifold
Superb adapter to create drip systems in up to 9 different parts of your vivarium or even 9 different vivaria if you have a powerful enough pump and a common overflow receptacle. It converts a 12mm water input into up to 9 x 6mm outlets
Drain Sets
Complete ASF6 drain set for 21mm bore hole complete with plastic drain set (overflow & strainer) and 1½m of braided PVC 3/4" drainage tube.

For the individual component price list click here
Drain Sets
Complete ASF5 drain set for 21mm bore hole complete with plastic drain set (overflow & strainer), 1½m of clear PVC 12mm drainage tube and 5L waste water receptacle.

For the individual component price list click here
Silicone Stoppers
Instead of using the drainset a cheaper option is to use a tapered silicone stopper which pushes easily into the hole. We also do a smaller stopper to plug the hole drilled for the misting nozzle.
Please note we can supply many other sizes of tapered stopper. Please email for details.
21 - 27mm stopper for drainage hole
10.5 - 14.5mm stopper for misting hole
PuroSmart Reverse Osmosis System
with carbon pre-filter

Dimensions:10x8x30 cm. Simply click it on the kitchen faucet and it is ready for use. Finished? Just click and take it away. For 25 ltr per day and over 95% purification.
Available by special order (allow 7 -1 0 days for delivery)

Click here for more information
PuroSmart Carbon block Replacement
Dimensions 6x5x5 cm.
PuroSmart Membrane Replacement
Dimensions 18x5x5 cm.
Reverse Osmosis System
with carbon pre-filter
For purifying up to 75L per day.
Click here for overview
Click here for installation diagram
Reverse Osmosis
Reverse Osmosis
Carbon filter
Reverse Osmosis System
Membrane replacment
Kent Black Water Expert 480ml (16 oz)
This is the water conditioner we use when creating"Tadpole Tea".Use it at a rate of 10ml per gallon of water to help prevent bacterial and fungal infections in Dendrobatid tadpoles. It simulates water conditions in natural tropical waters as well as encourages spawning and aids the hatching process. Its naturally chelated iron, vitamins and other organic compounds accelerate cell division and stimulate root systems in plants, providing for luxurious green plant growth, yet it does not cause unsightly algae growth. Black Water Expert is similar in composition to rich soil in a bottle.
Water quality control
20x dipsticks.
Control for nitrate (NO3), nitrite (NO2), pH and calcium (KH, GH).
We recommend a calcium level of less then five.
Eheim Compact 300.
0.5 m pumping height and 150-300 l/h flow rate
220 Volts
Ideal for small er vivaria with a shallow sump depth.
Eheim Compact 600.
1.3 m pumping height and 150-600 l/h flow rate
220 Volts
Eheim Compact 1000.
2 m pumping height and 150-1000 l/h flow rate
220 Volts

Clear High Quality PVC Hose
12mm bore for use with the above pumps. Price is per metre

Eheim 1046 water circulation pump
Maximum pumping height 110 cm.
220 Volts only
Eheim 1048 water circulation pump
Maximum pumping height 140 cm. 220 Volts only

Filter for Eheim pump
Complete system; filter and sponge for model 1046 and 1048


Sponge for Eheim pump
Ffor models 1046 and 1048



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