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Species (Vernacular) & Description
Scientific Name Price Guide (Each)

Blue poison dart frog
UK-produced c/b 2020 juveniles 15mm+
Probably the most popular of the poison dart frogs, this stunning species grows to a good size (around 35 - 40mm) and is relatively easy to care for. These frogs are from unrelated bloodlines but cannot be sexed.

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Dendrobates tinctorius azureus
(1 left)


Anurans (frogs & toads)

Poison Frogs

Species (Vernacular) & Description
Scientific Name Price Guide (Each)

Pepper's poison frog
UK-produced c/b 2020 sub-adults 25mm+
Medium-sized Ameerega these of which are the progeny of a UE import. Unlike some of the other species very bold and don't seem to be as skittish. Taking Drosophila hydei, 1st instar crickets and aphids. Keep at around 24 - 26 C. ideally with running water or a drip system. These are unsexed.

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Amereega pepperi
(2 available

£160.00 /2

Bumblebee poison dart frog
c/b 2020 juveniles 18mm+
Great starter species. Easy to keep and breed under suitable conditions. Bold, greedy and males have a loud call. We can offer unrelated frogs. These are unsexed.

Dendrobates leucomelas Nominat
(4 left)


Dyeing poison dart frog
UK-produced c/b 2020, juveniles 25mm+
Very closed related to the 'Regina' morph, this relatively new morph (discovered in 2004) grows even larger and is a lovely, bold ground dweller. Found approximately 24 km from Saül near the Arataii river in French Guyana. Some specimens are almost solid yellow.
These are unsexed.

Dendrobates tinctorius 'Matecho'
(2 left)

£120.00 /2

Dyeing poison dart frog
UK-produced c/b 2020, large juveniles 30mm+
Super, distinct morph possessing with powder blue or pale grey legs. These are very healthy specimens taking fruit flies, small crickets and aphids. These are unsexed.

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Dendrobates tinctorius 'Powder Blue/Grey Legged'
(5 left)


Dyeing poison dart frog
UK-produced c/b 2020 grown-on juveniles 25mm+
Stunning Brazilian morph discovered relatively recently and now becoming popular in the hobby. These specimens are growing well but are not currently sexable.

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Dendrobates tinctorius Tumucumaque
(3 left


Strawberry poison dart frog
c/b 2020 adults 14mm+
Wonderful miniature species found only on the island of Escudo de Veraguas - tiny island off the Carribean coast of Panama. Relatively easy to keep in captivity as long as a plentiful bounty of springtails and other micro-livefoods can be supplied. These are an unrelated pair, the male bred in the UK and the female in Holland.

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Oophaga cf. pumilio
(1 sexed pair available)

£550.00 /pair

Vanzolini's poison dart frog
Dartfrog-produced c/b 2020 and UK c/b 2020 juveniles 10 -12mm
Stunning thumbnail species. Bold, active, relatively easy to breed once established and will feed on fruit flies (large & small), hatchling crickets, aphids and springtails. Lovely trill-like call. These are unrelated but unsexed specimens.

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Ranitomeya vanzolinii
(4 reserved)



Other Frogs & Toads & Caecilians
Species (Vernacular) & Description
Scientific Name Price Guide (Each)
Moroccan Painted Frog
UK-produced c/b 2020 juveniles 25mm
A rarely-available species found near streams, ponds and springs (and also often saline water sources) in Morocco including the Spanish enclave of Ceuta. As these are relatively powerful frogs it requires a medium to large vivarium or a good subject for a semi-heated greenhouse.

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Discoglossus scovazzi
(4 left)

£20.00 or £75.00 /4
Golden Mantella
UK-produced c/b 2020 grown juveniles 12 - 15mm
Stunning Madagascan species which is a fantastic, bold addition to any amphibian collection. Prefers cooler temperatures than most dartfrogs ideally in the 65 - 72°F range. We have a small number of froglets that are just turning orange and are taking springtails, pinhead crickets and melanogaster fruitflies.

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Mantella aurantiaca
(8 left)





Caudata (newts & salamanders) & Caecilians (Gymnophiona)

Species (Vernacular) & Description (size is snout - tail tip)
Scientific Name Price Guide

California climbing salamander
Dartfrog-produced c/b 2020 juveniles 5cm+
Impressive tree-dwelling species from California. Males in particular develop large mandible muscles and will not hesitate to attack and bite when provoked. Excellent species for captivitry requiring an arboreal vivarium with a large oak or other deciduous log in which to hide and lay its eggs. Feeding on crickets, waxworm, spiders and similar. Juveniles take 2 - 3 years to reach maturity. We will provide a care sheet when purchased. We can provide unrelated specimens from 3 successful pairings.
We will also have c/b 2020 juveniles available soon.

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Aneides lugubris
3 available)

£80.00 or £225.00 /3

Southern Italian Alpine newt
UK-produced c/b 2020 adults 80mm+
Rarely available subspecies of alpine newt from the Calabrian region of southern Italy where it is restricted to just 5 lakes. Fortunately quite easy to breed in captivity. Adults grow to be slightly larger than the nominate form but are otherwise similar. A highly aquatic subspecies too but general care as for the nominate form.

[click here for larger picture of male] [click here for picture of adult pair]

Ichthyosaura alpestris inexpectatus
(5 sexed pairs left)

£60.00 /pair


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