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Plain Hygrolon Sheet
The Hygrolon® sheet consist of three layers
Two woven outer sheets separated by a layer of strands of upright nylon fibre.
The outer layers are very hygroscopic and woven in an advanced warp technique that gives it its net structure.
The net design is important to offer roots and air access to the material.

The middle layer acts as an aerating layer that gives roots the perfect balance between air and moisture.

Water that comes in contact with the outer layers is rapidly spread over the entire surface in the same way as an organic material such as bark, xaxim, sphagnum moss etc.

We have 3 offcuts available, 1 of each piece

£ 10.00

£ 9.00

£ 9.50

Steel mesh. Stainless steel, finely weave so fruit flies are unable to escape. We have some offcuts of various sizes

£ 3.00

£ 3.50

£ 6.00

Spanish edition of Reptilia magazine. Price is per 10 copies (our selection). Good for Spanish-readers or those that enjoy excellent pictures (2 x 10 sets left) £5.00 / 10 copies


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