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A Guide to the Reptiles and Amphibians of Iran
Kamali, K
Chimaira Winter 2020, hardcover, 574 pages, 550 colour photographs and 283 maps. Updated, enlarged and with more pictures than the original, most successful edition in Farsi. With a Preface by Steven C. Anderson. "Zoological taxonomy and identification is always a moving target, especially now in Iran as more and more Iranian scholars are studying herpetology. At the international level, reviews of entire genera have begun, incorporating molecular techniques to determine evolutionary relationships and phylogeography. Kamran Kamali has taken on the immense task of preparing this field guide to the amphibians and reptiles of Iran. This is the first comprehensive guide to this fauna in any Western language and far more than a translation of the original Persian (2015); recently described taxa and additional photos have been added by the author under the auspices of his publisher AmirHossein Bakhtiyari (IranShenasi). There have been research books and papers devoted individually to the amphibians, the turtles, the lizards, and the snakes of Iran, and all are now out of date; few of these publications serve as actual field guides. This volume is far more than a field guide, however, as it serves as a popular synopsis for the reptiles and amphibians of Iran and a summary of research by many authors over several decades. With the increasing interest in the natural history of Iran, this book should be of great service not only to visitors to Iran, but to naturalists interested in herpetology globally. Many species of all taxa are threatened by habitat destruction, population growth, climate change, pollution, and outright destruction. Amphibians and reptiles are among the least respected animals, but with knowledge comes understanding and concern, and this book should be a stimulus to such respect. This book will set the standard for future work on this fauna."
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Amphibians & Reptiles of Morocco
Martínez Del Mármol, G., Harris, D.J., Geniez, P., De Pous, P., Salvi, D.
Frankfurt am Main 2019, large format, hardcover, 478 pages, 982 colour photographs, 117 colour distribution maps. Morocco is one of the most biodiverse regions in North Africa and its herpetofauna has been the subject of numerous studies, being well-known compared to other North African countries. In addition to this, Morocco has been considered in recent years as one of the most touristic countries in the region, being safe and open to tourism. There are many foreign people that visit Morocco with different aims that typically encounter many species of amphibians and reptiles. In such cases, the idea of a comprehensive guide for Morocco is essential to help in the identification of the species, both for scientists and other enthusiasts. This book presents useful information on the identification and general biology of all 117 terrestrial reptile and amphibian species occurring in Morocco including details of each species with an updated textual description, colourful images, common names, distribution in Morocco and range, habitat, biology, taxonomic remarks and distribution maps.  Furthermore, the book include keys to the identification of each genus and species, a part about the Bioclimate and Biogeography of Morocco and its conservation issues.
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Threatened Newts and Salamanders of the World – Captive Care Management, Vol. 2
Grosse, W.-R (Ed.), DGHT 2018
Hardcover, 292 pages, more than 500 colour photographs. The book covers breeding advice for the following species: Ambystoma californiense, Ambystoma tigrinum, Cynops orientalis, Cynops pyrrhogaster Echinotriton andersoni, Ichthyosaura alpestris, Lissotriton boscai, Lissotriton helveticus, Lissotriton italicus, Lissotriton montandoni, Ommatotriton ophryticus, Ommatotriton vittatus, Paramesotriton deloustali, Proteus anguinus, Salamandra infraimmaculata, Siren intermedia, Taricha granulosa, Triturus carnifex, Triturus karelinii und Triturus macedonicus. A chapter on diseases of tailed-amphibians by Dr. med. vet. Frank Mutschmann provides important information.
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The Genus Triturus - History · Biology · Systematics · Captive Breeding
Farbach, M & Gerlach, U - Chimaira 2018
Hardcover, 550 pages, more than 800 colour photos. Preface by Wolf-Rüdiger Große. With a chapter on the history of the research on Crested and Marbled Newts by Josef F. Schmidtler, a chapter on skin toxins by Dietrich Mebs and a chapter on diseases and captive management by Frank Pasmans and An Martel. Currently the genus Triturus comprises the group of Crested Newts (Triturus anatolicus, Triturus carnifex, Triturus cristatus, Triturus dobrogicus, Triturus ivanbureschi, Triturus karelinii, Triturus macedonicus)as well as the Marbled Newts (Triturus marmoratus and Triturus pygmaeus). This monographs includes detailed information on the natural habitats of all species and their biology. Captive breeding is shown in differents variants using a large number of photographs. Keeping newts in outdoor enclosures is especially emphasized.
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Oophaga histrionica Readhead DVD/Blu-Ray)
Armin Reiss (Hardstone Video Production 2017)
Running time 50 minutes (in German & English narrative)
The folow-up to the Oophaga lehmanni video this is the second journey to Colombia, specifically the Valle de Cauca which is the southernmost range of the Harlequin poison frog (Oophaga histrionica). This film is the first in a series of documentaries capturing the stunning diversity of this species.
The red-heaeded variants inhabit both the more typical humid rainforests but also the atypical dry hillsides. Here, the frogs differ not only in the habitat they occupy, but also in their body size, coloration and behaviour.
What explains these differences and what adjustments to their biology where necessary to survive in this new habitat?

This video explores these questions and others, with spectacular footage and photographs from our current and past expeditions.
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Amphibians of Costa Rica – A Field Guide
Leenders, T, Ithaca 2017
This book is the first in-depth field guide of all 206 amphibian species known to occur in Costa Rica. A diminutive nation with abundant natural wealth, the country is host to 146 species of frogs and toads. Frogs of gemlike beauty and dizzying variety abound: some species can fit on the end of a human finger; others would take two hands to hold. In the rainforests, you can find frogs capable of gliding from high in the treetops to the forest floor, some that carry their eggs or their tadpoles around on their back, and others that secrete glue-like substances from their skin that are capable of sticking shut the mouth of attacking snakes. Costa Rica is also home to fifty-three species of lungless salamanders, whose unique adaptations and abilities have allowed them to colonize habitats inaccessible to other amphibians. In addition to the spectacularly diverse salamanders, frogs, and toads found in the country, this guide includes the caecilians—bizarre and highly specialized creatures that somewhat resemble giant worms. Twan Leenders has been studying the herpetofauna of Central America for more than twenty years. He and his team of researchers have traipsed the rainforests, dry forests, and swamps of Costa Rica—toting portable photo studios—to put together the richest collection of photographs of Costa Rican herpetofauna known to exist. In addition to hundreds of photographs, range maps, morphological illustrations, and precise descriptions of key field characteristics, Amphibians of Costa Rica offers a wealth of natural history information, describing prey and predators, breeding strategies, habitat, and conservation status.
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A taxonomic revision of the Neotropical poison frog genus Ranitomeya (Amphibia: Dendrobatidae)
Jason L. Brown et al / Magnolia Press, Auckland, 2011
Softcover. 121 pages with 150+ b&w photos + additional 13 loose-leaf page depicting the same photos in colour.
Rarely available book and a must for anyone with an interested in popular thumbnail genus Ranitomeya. The revision resulted in one new genus, one new species, five synonymies and one species classified as nomen dubium . Notable additions to this phylogeny include seven of the 12 species in the minuta group, 15  Ranitomeya amazonica , 20  R. lamasi , two  R. sirensis , 30  R. ventrimaculata and seven  R. uakarii.
Book dimesions is 20.7 x 29.5cm.
Sample page can be seen here - sample
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Stuster.R, Poelman, H, Boestein, R, / Dendrobatidae Nederland 2017
Hardcover. 431 pages, 1400+ colour photos.
Superb new book produced by the Dutch Dendrobatid society covering most of the species of the family Dendrobatidae along with the various colour morphs for individual species.
Unfortunately the text is in Dutch but the gorgeous array of over 1400 colour photos on glossy paper make this a necessity for the dart frog keeper. The photos cover species, eggs, tadpoles, habitats, captive set-ups to name just a few.
Book dimesions is 22.9 x 30cm and weighes over 2Kg.
Sample pages can be seen here - sample 1, sample 2, sample 3

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The Genus Salamandra – History · Ecology · Systematics · Captive Breeding
Seidel, U., Gerhardt, P, Chimaira Frankfurt am Main 2016
Hardcover., 543 pages, 700+ colour photos/maps.
With chapters on the history of Fire Salamander research from ancient times until the early 20 th century by Schmidtler, recently discovered infectional diseases by Pasmans/Martel and 20 years of research on Salamandra algira by Sergé Bogaerts. The book describes literally every aspect related to Salamandra. The natural history is described in detail and a focus (one beside others) is set on conservation breeding, an aspect that becomes more and more important (as Steinfartz mentions in his preface). The species chapters cover Salamandra salamandra in the Iberian peninsula, Salamandra s. alfredschmidti, Salamandra s. almanzoris, Salamandra s. bejarae, Salamandra s. bernardezi, Salamandra s. crespoi, Salamandra s. fastuosa, Salamandra s. gallaica, Salamandra s. longirostris, Salamandra s. morenica, Salamandra s. beschkovi, Salamandra s. giglioli, Salamandra s. salamandra, Salamandra s. terrestris, Salamandra s. werneri, Salamandra algira, Salamandra a. algira, Salamandra .spelaea, Salamandra a. splendens, Salamandra a. tingitana, Salamandra corsica, Salamandra infraimmaculata, Salamandra i. infraimmaculata, Salamandra i. orientalis, Salamandra i. semenovi, Salamandra a.atra, Salamandra a.aurorae, Salamandra a. pasubiensis, Salamandra a.prenjensis, Salamandra lanzai. Since the authors’ fascination for these beautiful tailed amphibians primarily results from the unexceptional morphological variety, this aspect is a major part of the book and described by a compilation of the best photographs available.


Crocodile Newts - The Primitive Salamandridae of Asia (Genera Echinotriton and Tylototriton)
Hernandez, A, Chimaira Frankfurt am Main 2016
Hardcover., 398 pages, 500+ colour photos/maps.
Preface by Liang Fei, Acknowledgements, Travel notes from southern Asia, The Primitive Salamandridae of Asia, Mass extinction of salamanders around the world, Systematics, including a Phylogeny of the primitive Salamandridae of Asia, Keeping crocodile newts,  Echinotriton maxiquadratus, Echinotriton chinhaiensis , Echinotriton andersoni, Tylototriton verrucosus , Tylototriton shanjing, Tylototriton pulcherrimus, Tylototriton anguliceps, Tylototriton podichthys, Tylototriton uyenoi, Tylototriton yangi, Tylototriton shanorum, Tylototriton himalayanus, Tylototriton kweichowensis, Tylototriton taliangensis, Tylototriton pseudoverrucosus, Supraspecies asperrimus , Tylototriton asperrimus, Tylototriton hainanensis, Tylototriton notialis, Tylototriton ziegleri, Supraspecies wenxianensis , Tylototriton wenxianensis, Tylototriton dabienicus, Tylototriton broadoridgus, Tylototriton lizhengchangi, Tylototriton liuyangensis, Tylototriton vietnamensis, Tylototriton panhai.


Basics: Keeping & Breeding Poison Frogs. The Small Species.
Divossen, H, Frankfurt am Main 2016
Softcover., 94 pages, 95 colour photos.
“I have been focusing on the husbandry and breeding of dendrobatids, the so-called poison frogs, since 1981. I am particularly engrossed with the small representatives of this family’s various genera, e.g., Oophaga pumilio or Ranitomeya imitator, reasons for which also include practical considerations such as reduced space requirements for small terraria and the small amounts of food required. I have travelled to Central and South America on more than thirty occasions in a quest to learn as much as possible about these exceedingly interesting anurans, and I have not ceased to discover new and exciting details until today. This book is based mainly on my own practical experiences. Nevertheless, it does by no means claim to offer universally applicable directions for keeping and breeding dendrobatid frogs. There are certainly other routes that can be taken to arrive at the same destination, but what is described here is what works for me. You are welcome to copy parts or all of it to see whether it works for you, too. Let us hope together that the remaining rainforests will continue to exist and be seen as what they are, national treasures with a wealth of life that we have only just begun to discover. Their conservation is crucial for these frogs to survive in their natural environments so that our children also will have the opportunity to study them in the wild and not only look at them in amazement from behind glass.” Updated English edition of the successful German book "Erfahrungen mit kleinen Pfeilgiftfröschen" BASICS – Experts summarize their experience compactly.


Basics: Live Food
Bruse, F., Schmidt, W., Meyer, M,. Frankfurt am Main 2016
Softcover, 94 pages, more than 125 colour photos Terrarium animals need a healthy, balanced and varied diet. Self-cultured food insects or other live foods whose nutritional value is enriched by a proper diet and supplementation, will provide you with success in this field: suitable species include green banana cockroaches, tropical woodlouses, fruit flies, locusts, crickets or even mice. This volume details the preconditions necessary for successful culturing based upon the extensive knowledge of experienced terrarium-keepers. This will enable you to supply your animals with valuable and suitable food items, all with minimal investment.
BASICS – Experts summarize their experience compactly


Field Guide to Aposematic Poison Frogs (Dendrobatidae) of the Andean Countries. Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela
Kahn, T.R., La Marca, E., Lötters, S., Brown, J.L., Twomey, E., Amézqueta, A., Ed. Washington 2016 English
Softcover.,xxii 582pages, 123 colour photographs, 164 marvellous colour drawings, 74 distribution maps, 1 hist.illustration
This book describes species occurring in Andean countries in full color. Students and professionals from over eight countries and dozens of institutions and universities collaborated to detail the life history of each Andean countries poison frogs from high elevation cloud forests, down into the tropical rain forested lowlands. Each species account begins with a Genus page. Then the authors and their affiliations top each account page that includes Name or Names. These cover commonly used names, scientific names, the specific epithets and the vernacular names’ meanings that are explained for each poison frog species. Taxonomic Comments begins with the description or discovery of the species and discusses taxonomic placement and arrangement over time to the present understanding of this species relationships, and sister species are noted when known. Identification and Description discusses adult sizes, appearance, and notes the color and pattern of the many varied morphs. Identification and Description of Larvae and Froglet describes the tadpoles in detail when known, and the appearance of the froglet when known. Similar Species helps discriminate between similar or confusing-in appearance-species. The Alkaloid Profile summarizes the alkaloids known from that species, and a lengthy Appendix II lists all known alkaloids found in all evaluated Andean poison frog species (many unpublished). Natural History and Ecology covers behaviors, and activities that will assist the guidebook user in locating and observing the species in situ. Calls and Vocalizations include detailed call information and if other vocalizations are used, they are mentioned i.e. release versus advertisement calls (several published for the first time). A section on Reproduction covers the mode used, how many eggs are laid, parental care, and larval deposition sites and diet when known. Distribution covers the species range, indicating if the species is endemic. Threats address pressures the species faces on a case-by-case basis. Conservation Status indicates the current IUCN Red List status and when deemed appropriate the authors suggest reassessment and present the justifications. Protected areas where species are known to occur are noted in many cases. In stock


Les Urodèles du Monde - Taxonomie Biologie Ecologie Elevage
Raffaelii, J.: French 2013
Hardcover, 472 pages, 1147 colour photographs & 130 colour maps.
Revision 2 covering over 850 species (200 more than in Revision 1). Wherever possible the author has added information on captive care and breeding.

Special Offer

Dendrobatidae Volume IV Poison Frogs 2006 – 2012 Ecuador – Panama – Peru
Siegfried P. Christmann/Bilingual German/English Version 2014
Softcover, coffee table book format, 376 pages, 955 colour photographs. The long expected volume 4 covers the poison frogs found between 2006 and 2012 in Ecuador, Panama and Peru. In addition Christmann describes the successful terrarium breeding and adds a special chapter on Greenhouse breeding. The huge amount of interesting pictures make the book a valuable source for every dart frog enthusiast.

Please email us before ordering.

Salamanders of the Old World - A comprehensive guide to the Newts and Salamanders of Europe, Asia and Northern Africa
Sparreboom, M. English 2014
Hardcover 432 pages, coffeetable-book format 23x29 cm, many splendid photographs and distribution maps for every species. The book focuses on the natural history, habitat, behaviour and conservation, giving thus all necessary information for successful captive breeding.
Special order - please allow up to 14 days for delivery.

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Newts & Salamanders – Keeping and Breeding
Pasmans, F., Bogaerts, S., Janssen, H., Sparreboom, M. English Version 2014
Hardcover 248 pages, many color photos. Salamanders are extremely interesting amphibians. They feature bright colors, bizarre shapes some reminiscent of a dragon and exciting observable behaviors . From terrestrial residents to aquatic species, the range extends , and the diversity of the terrarium species available is enormous. In short, the study of these sympathetic animals is never boring! In this extensive fine guide a team of experienced owners and breeders details the basics of successful care and reveals how to breed them. Over 60 types of newt, salamander and caecilian are detailed.


Out of print

Oophaga lehmanni
Armin Reiss (Hardstone Video Production 2014)
Running time 50 minutes (in German & English narrative)
Spectacular film on the search for this unique, rare species. The adevntures takes you into the natural world of this frog and teaches you about their natural behaviour and lifestyle.
A must for any large Oophaga enthusiast.
Available in DVD or Blu-Ray (PAL).

NTSC also available by special order (please allow up to 28 days for delivery for NTSC)



Practical Pets Series - Amphibians - Understanding and Caring for your Amphibian
Various authors (Kelsey Publications, 2013) Softcover, 100 pages, more than 100 colour photos
Amphibians. Here at last is a detailed guide to keeping amphibians, illustrated with striking colour photography throughout. It covers frogs, toads, newts and salamanders, focusing on the most widely kept groups such as fire salamanders, dart frogs and fire-bellied toads. The expert text provides a comprehensive overview of the care and breeding of such creatures. It will prove to be an invaluable reference, whether you are just starting out, or are already an experienced amphibian keeper.


The complete Oophaga pumilio
Steinmann, F, Van Der Lingen, C (Frankfurt am Main December 2013) Hardcover, 220 pages, more than 500 colour photos
An update to the work of the late Chris Van Der Lingen who did so much for the conservation of these super little frogs. This includes many new photos as well as distribution, habitat and captive care notes.
A must have for the many enthusiasts of this species.


Out of print

Threatened Newts and Salamanders of the World - Captive Care Management
Schulschik, G., Grosse, W.,(Mannheim) 2013,
Hardcover, 178 pages, 251 colour photographs. Vol. 20E of Mertensiella.
The book covers breeding advices for the following species Ambystoma mexicanum, Paradactylodon persicus, Paradactylodon gorganensis, Calotriton asper, Cynops ensicauda, Cynops orphicus, Euproctus montanus, Euproctus platycephalus, Laotriton laoensis, Liua shihi, Mertensiella caucasica, Neurergus crocatus, Neurergus derjugini, Neurergus kaiseri, Neurergus strauchii, Triturus dobrogicus, Triturus pygmaeus, Tylototriton asperrimus, Tylototriton hainanensis, Tylototriton kweichowensis, Tylototriton shanjing, Tylototriton taliangensis, Tylototriton wenxianensi. English edition.
A must have for all hobbyists interested in amphibians especially caudata enthusiasts

Special Offer £49.99
(RRP is £55.99)

Amphibians of Suriname
P.E.Ouboter & J, Rawien/Leiden 2012
Softcover 376 pages, 196 colour photographs, each species with distribution map.
Surinam has a long history of faunal inventories, with many of its species already described by Linnaeus. Despite that, the amphibians were only treated in a few papers in scientific journals. "Amphibians of Suriname" is the first overview of our present knowledge of this interesting group for Suriname. The book presents short descriptions and data on the distribution and natural history of the 104 species now known for the country. Most species are illustrated by one or more photographs, and a distribution map is presented as well. Two new species and two new subspecies of frogs are described for Surinam, and for several species a contribution to the taxonomic discussion is given. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery


Amphibians of Central America
KÖHLER, G. /Offenbach, 2011
Hardcover, 378 pages, and 930 color photographs, distribution maps of all kinds.
This stunning work is a comprehensive field guide to the 476 species of amphibians in Central America (southern Mexico to Panama). Numerous illustrations and color photographs illustrate the diagnostic features and allow the species identification of all occurring in this region, frogs, salamanders and caecilians. Introductory chapters provide basic knowledge of the taxonomy and biology of the genera, families and orders.


Out of print

Ranitomeya and Andinobates poster
Jason Brown/ Swedish Dendrobatid Society (produced by MIS Illustration & Design)
Poster measuring 50x70cm on 200g paper
A stunning limited-edition poster displaying all known colour morphs and local variants of the genera Ranitomeya and Andinobates illustrating the most current taxonomy. A must have for any 'thumbnail enthusiast' and for anyone wanting to properly identify their frogs.
In stock

Click here for another view of the poster


Salamanders and Newts of Europe, North Africa and Western Asia (Edition Chimaira Terralog Volume 21)
Marc Staniszewski, Bi-lingual German & English/October 2011
Hardcover, 166 pages, over 540 full colour photos and 42 distribution maps.
This is the most complete guide to the caudata of Europe, North Africa and Western Asia and presents the most up-to-date biogeographic distribution maps for all described taxa. Includes a simplified symbol-based summary for biotopic, climatic and husbandry guideline data. Some of the photos displayed are of taxa that have had little, perhaps no photographic history.
In stock.



Buy BriBri - The Froggers Journal No.1 and 2 together and save £3.50


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BriBri - The Froggers Journal No. 2 (The European Magazine for Rainforest Frogs and Flora)
Ben's Jungle/Bi-lingual German & English/2011
Softcover, 90 pages, various full colour photos.
This is the second edition of the much-awaited bi-annual journal produced by Benjamin Schwarz of Ben's Jungle fame.
Lots of good info on dartfrogs in thw wild, tips on captive care, plant cultivation etc. Neatly presented this edition features Oophaga lehmanni, husbandry of Oophaga pumilio Guaramo, a trip to Colombia, dartfrogs of Rio Huallga, Peru and much more.
In stock.


Out of stock

BriBri - The Froggers Journal No. 1 (The European Magazine for Rainforest Frogs and Flora)
Ben's Jungle/Bi-lingual German & English/2009
Softcover, 100 pages, various full colour photos.
This is the first edition of the much-awaited bi-annual journal produced by Benjamin Schwarz of Ben's Jungle fame.
Lots of good info on dartfrogs in thw wild, tips on captive care, plant cultivation etc. Neatly presented this edition features Oophaga pumilio of the Bocas, a trip to Ecuador, husbandry of Excidobates mysteriosus and much more.
In stock.


Out of stock

Frogs of Madagascar Genus Mantella (Pocket ID Guide)/
Jovanovic, Rabemanajara et al./
Conservation International/English/2006
Super little fold-out guide to all of the known mantella species with photos of the dorsum and venter, distribution maps and a description as well as conservation status. Essential for the mantella enthusiast.
Allow 7 days for delivery.


Guide to Frogs of the Iquitos Region, Amazonian Peru /
Lily O. Rodriguez & William E. Duellman /
Univeristy of Kansas Publications/English/1994
128pp/ 120 colour plates/various line drawings/paperback with card jacket
This guide is intended to introduce the amateur naturalist and the professional bilogist to the highly diverse amphibian species of this region. Accounts of 112 species provide information on the characteristics and natural history of these amphibians.
Last few left - out of print - collectors items


Feuersalamander (Fire Salamander)
Schorn, S & Kwet, A
NTV Terraristik/German/2010
Softcover, 144 pages, over 180 full colour photos & various other illustrations
Super small guide dedicated to the fure salaander group Salamandra salamandra, Salamandra algira, Salamandra corsica and Salamandra infraimmaculata. If you do not read German just the superb illustrations make this guide a worthwhile addition to the salamander keeper or amphibian hobbyist.
Limited numbers in stock.


Aqualog Pfeilgiftfrosche (Poison Dart Frogs) poster /
Poster measures 90 x 60cm
Wonderful poster displaying 57 different speceis and morphs of Dendrobatids.
Limited numbers in stock.


Genus Epipedobates poster /
Holland 2010
Poster measures 52 x 75cm
Beautiful heavy duty paper & quality poster displaying the six Epipedobates species and various morphs of Colombia, Peru and Ecuador.
Very limited numbers in stock.


Dendrobatidae Nederland Magazine Issues 1 to 5(April 2010)
The now discontinued English version bi-annual magazine from the Dendrobatid society of the Netherlands. The articles of basically translated from the equivalent selected articles of the Dutch version which was first published in 2004.

Each magazine is approximately 48 pages long with lots of colour photos
Few left in stock.

Price £65.00 for the 5 magazines.

Sounds of Poison Dart Frogs of Central and South America CD /
Darren Mayer/

Ribbit Recordings/2005
Super CD with recordings from the following species calls:
Phyllobates aurotaenia
Ranitomeya intermedius
Oophaga pumilio man creek
Ameerega silverstonei
Ranitomeya lamasi
Adelphobates castaneoticus
Oophaga pumilio bastimentos
Phyllobates terribilis
Allobates zaparo
Ranitomeya imitator
Ranitomeya amazonica
Oophaga pumilio chiriqui river
Ameerega trivittata
Ranitomeya ventrimaculata

Plus a further 16 species bonus track

Special Offer £9.99

Dendrobates tinctorius morph poster /
Tropical Experience/2008
Poster measures 59.4 x 84.1 cm (A1).
Beautiful poster displaying 16 different morphs of this gorgeous larger species


Temporarily out of stock

Adventure to Captivus DVD /
A film by Chris Graybill/

Palisade Productions LLC/English/2009
DVD, 45 minutes running time.
In the summer of 2006, a small group of graduate student biologists ventured deep into the Peruvian Rainforest in search of a lost treasure. Shrouded in mystery, 77 years had passed since Excidobates (Dendrobates) captivus was last seen. Adventure to Captivus is the first ever film on the natural history of one of Peru's most isolated and allusive gems. Narrated by Christ Graybill, this breathtaking documentary takes you through tropical jungles on a once in a lifetime adventure of scientific discovery.


Temporarily out of stock

Day geckos in Captivity
Leann and Greg Christenson/
LivingArt Publishing/English/2003
Softcover, 194 pages, various full colour photos.

Leann and Greg Christenson are proud to share their exciting work with geckos of the genus Phelsuma. The Christensons are known for their innovative approach to keeping these diurnal gems of the reptile world in creative, indoor enclosures. Their captive husbandry techniques and incredible breeding successes are presented for both Phelsuma enthusiasts and those simply wanting to learn more about these fascinating geckos. 1 available


Pumilios of the Bocas DVD
A film by Chris van der Lingen/
Panama Pumilio Protection Project/English/2008
DVD, 35 minutes running time.
The long-awaited English version of this DVD is now available! Take a tour of the Bocas Islands and see the many forms of D. pumilio in the area. Chris van der Lingen of the Panama Pumilio Protection Project has spent many years on the Bocas filming these amazing frogs as well as working on setting up an education center to help protect them. Sales of this DVD help to support his efforts!


Temporarily out of stock

Oophaga pumilio Poster/Photos by Chris van der Lingen
Panama Pumilio Protection Project/2008
A stunning full-sized (24" x 33") poster displaying many of the beautiful forms of O. pumilio found in Central America, including 2 brand-new discoveries. Excellent photography captures the great detail of these amazing animals and is the perfect accent for your frog room! All photographs were taken by Chris van der Lingen and it is a production of the Panama Pumilio Protection Project. Sales of this poster help to support his efforts!
In stock.


Vivarium Designs /
Jerry G. Walls/

Softcover, 144 pages, various full colour photos.
A well written and illustrated book offering an insight into well-deisgned vivaria for many types of reptiles and amphibians. Contains instructive photos and detailed information on decoration, planting, heating and lighting.
Out of print, collectors item. Only limited numbers available


Temporarily out of stock

Natural Terrariums (Complete Herp care)/
Philip PURSER/

Softcover, 160 pages, various full colour photos.
This comprehensive guide profiles several types of terrariums—sandy desert, rocky desert, woodland, rainforest, and others—and which animals would be suitable for each. Step-by-step instructions guide the reader through the terrarium design and construction process and suggest where to purchase materials
In stock.


Temporarily out of stock

Terralog Geckos of Madagascar, the Seychelles, Comoros & Mascarene Islands/

Chimaira Frankfurt Am Main/ Dual English/German Edition / 2008
Hardcover, 144 pages, 475 full colour photos and maps.
Stunning visual guide with maps and key symbol-based summaries on husbandry guidelines for each species detailed along with text dealing with the systematics and taxonomic changes. The high quality photos show both geckos and habitats. Highkly recommended for Phelsuma and Uroplatus enthusiasts.

In stock.


Newts & Salamanders /

Barrons Education services/1997
Softcover, 126 pages, 117 colour photos & monochrome drawings.
Salamander enthusiasts will find up-to-date information and full-color photos describing the major native and exotic species of newts and salamanders. The author gives advice on feeding and keeping them in a healthful environment. Topics include creating the various types of habitats, nutrition, reproduction, the treatment of diseases, and sources of food and supplies
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The Hellbenders /
Max Allen NICKERSON, Charles Edwin MAYS/

The Center for North American Herpetology/ November 5 2005
Softcover, 106 pages, 23 monochrome photos, drawings, graphs and maps.
The primary purpose of this guide is to bring together the scattered information on hellbenders and to present original information obtained during the early paert of the century. Excellent book and recommended to newt/salamander hobbyists
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Professional Breeders Series: Poison Frogs/
Wolfgang SCHMIDT, F. Wilhelm HENKEL/

Chimaira Frankfurt Am Main/ English Edition/ Second Edition/ August 2008
Hardcover, 166 pages, 190 color photos, several drawings.
A superb book essential for any dartfrog enthusiast. Having a tropical terrarium with orchids, ferns, bromeliads and reproducing poison frogs is one of the most satisfying hobbies one can have. Schmidt and Henkel have been breeding poison frogs for many years and give the reader the opportunity to share their experiences. Includes a chapter on keeping poison frogs in a greenhouse by Dr. Michael Liebich and an a chapter on the Dendrobatid toxins by Prof. Dr. Dietrich Mebs.
Now out of print. These are the last 2 copies



A Fieldguide to the Amphibians and Reptiles of Madagascar (Third Edition)
Glaw & Vences/ M. Vences & F. Glaw Verlags GbR

Published 2007, Softcover 496 pages, over 1500 colour photos
Completely updated and rewritten.
- Biology and description of all Malagasy amphibians and reptiles
- Accounts and distribution maps for over 700 species of amphibians and reptiles


The Amphibians and Reptiles of Greece
Valakos, Pafilis, Sotiropoulos, Maragon & Foufopoulos/ Edition Chimaira

Published 2007, Hardcover 465 pages, over 410 colour photos
The most comprehensive guide to the herpetofauna of Greece and its many islands. Superb detail, pictures, diagrams and maps.


Poison Dart Frogs
A Complete Guide to Dendrobatidae

Amanda and Greg Sihler/ TFH Publications

Published 2007, Softcover 128 pages, over 70 colour photos
The authors are co-owners of the reputable ADR (Arizona Dendrobate Ranch) and have produced an excellent little guide to the natural history, husbandry, captive reproduction and health care (with sidebars from Dr Kevin Wright). Feature detailed accounts of many of the popular dart frog species. Recommended. Out of print but a few copies available.


Poison Frogs
Biology, Speciea & Captive Husbandry
Lotters, Jungfer, Henkel & Schmidt / Chimaira / English Version

Published September 2007, Hardcover 668 pages, over 1,000 photos
At last this, by far the most complete guide to the family Dendrobatidae, has finally been published. Covering all known species plus several only recently described along with detailed sections on every aspect of this family. There is also an important section of dart frog diseases by Frank Mutschmann.
Absolutely superb and thoroughly recommended to anyone with an interest in poison frogs.


Dendrobatidae - Poison Frogs - A Fantastic Journey through Ecuador, Peru and Colombia (Volumes I, II & III)
Siegfried P. Christmann/English Version

Published 2004, Softcover, 790 pages 3 volumes
See below for volume details. Very few sets left. Once these are gone then there are no more available to buy new (RRP is £149.99)


Poison Arrow Frogs: Their Natural History & Care in Captivity
Published 1992, Softcover, 110 pages with various full-colour and line art illustrations. Extremely rare out of print book (price normally in the £50 - £70 range). All these are used copies but in excellent condition. Published by Ralph Curtis Books.
2 copies only left


Feuerbauch-molche (fire-bellied newts) by Michael & Ursula Franzen
Published in 2005 Softover
An interesting book covering all newts of the genus Cynops. Text is in German (aren't all the best books!) and details the most popular species in captivity including care, breeding, disease and these newts in the wild. 80pp and 82 full colour photos. Published by Herpeton. In short supply.


Reptiles & Amphibians a Visual Guide: Dendrobatidae
Published in 2003 Softover
We are pleased to be able to re-offer this extremely rare Japanese publication. The glossy pictures are stunning and cover many of the species. Also possesses distribution maps and an actual size depiction of each species covered. All text is in Japanese but this doesn't detract from a superb book. 128pp and over 300 colour photos 1 left

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Faszination Pfeilgiftfrosche by Harald Divossen
Published in 2006 Hardcover
New offering from one of leading lights in the dartfrog hobby.
Although the text is in German the centrefold section possesses some superb photographs and the taxonomy is up-to-date. 110pp & 121 photographs.
In short supply.


SPECIAL OFFER while stocks last
Amphibians in Captivity
by Marc Staniszewski

Published in 1995 Hardcover, A huge volume covering a large number of amphibian species regularly available in captivity as well as those rarer types hobbyists can only dream of. Extensive sections on husbandry, breeding, health and species sections covering frogs, toads, newts, salamanders and caecilians. 544 pages.
Published by TFH Publications Inc. (RRP £55.00)


Der Blaue Pfeilgiftfrosch (The Blue Poison Dart Frog)
Tobias Eisenberg

Published 2005, Softcover, 64 pages with over 50 glossy full-colour photos. Although the text is in German the beautiful illustrations and diagrams are extremely interesting. Everything you wanted to know about this gorgeous species.
Published by Art Fur Art Books.


Gerti Keller & Eva-Grit Scheider
Published 2005, Hardcover, 96 pages with over 100 glossy full-colour photos. Although the text is in German the illustraions alone are worth the money. Describes all aspects of dartfrog care and details the requirements for most of the Dendrobates and Phyllobates and a large number of Epipedobates.
Published by Bede Books.


The Complete Encyclopedia of Houseplants
Nico Vermeulen :
Published 1995, English Edition. Hardcover, 320 pages with various full-colour illustrations featuring many of the plants we sell here at Dartfrog. RRP is £12.99. Published by Rebo Books.
Limited quantities available.


The Complete Encyclopedia of Orchids
Zdenek Jezek :
Published 2003, Hardcover, 304 pages with various full-colour illustrations featuring many of the plants we sell here at Dartfrog. RRP is £12.99. Published by Rebo Books.
Limited quantities available.


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Professional Breeders Series: Live Food/
Frank BRUSE, Michael MEYER, Wolfgang SCHMIDT/
Chimaira Frankfurt/Main/
English Edition/
December 2004

Hardcover, 143 pages, 70 color photos, several drawings.

An essential books for anyone wanting to culture a variety of livefoods in the home. The quality of live food is one of the essential characters in the success of keeping and breeding herps. This books shows how to grow your own live food with a minimum of work and, even more important, without smell, dirt and escaped insects.


Professional Breeders Series : Day Geckos/
Bruse, F., Meyer, M. & W. Schmidt / Chimaira Frankfurt Main / English Edition May 2005
Hard Cover, 151 pages with 121 full-colour illustrations.
Super guide to the delightful geckos.


Amphibians and reptiles of La Selva, Costa Rica and the Caribbean Slope / Craig GUYER, Maureen A DONNELLY /
Univeristy of California Press / January 2005

Softcover, 300 pages, 206 color photos.

An excellent guide essential for anyone interested in the reptiles and amphibians of this region. There are descriptions for the 138 reptiles and amphibians occurring in this area with each species being illustrated with a colour photograph and a range map with some supplemental b&w photos where appropriate.
Out of print - collectors item - 1 left in stock

Jewels of the Rainforest - Poison Dart Frogs of the family Dendrobatidae/
Jerry G. Walls/
TFH Publications Inc./
The ultimate coffee-table book, the impressively illustrated tome is still the standard-bearing poison dart frog book. Although some of the information is out-of-date and the author seems to bear a grudge against non-colorful species and Dendrobates azureus (why?), it is still a must for anyone keeping poison dart frogs, if only to drool over histrionicus, lehmanni et al. (RRP £74.99)
Out of print - 1 left

Marc Staniszewski/

A superb hardback book featuring every known species of this beautiful Madagascan frog genera. An array of pictures, line art and tables. Extensive sections on history, captive care, breeding, diseases and detailed analysis of each species as well as some unnamed forms. 230 pages. Selling for as much as $1000 on Amazon! £250.00

The Golden Mantella Handbook/
Marc Staniszewski/
Neurergus Books/

A specialist title written and published by the author on the beautiful but increasingly threatened golden mantella (Mantella aurantiaca). This is an essential hardback guide to anyone intending to successfully keep this amphibian gem. 75 pages
Last few in stock.

Dendrobatids & Mantella Frogs /
Marc Staniszewski/
VidiHerp DVD

DVD with booklet on the general care of mantellas and poison dart frogs.
Running time approximately 27 minutes.

Dendrobatidae - Poison Frogs - A Fantastic Journey through Ecuador, Peru and Colombia (Volumes I, II & III)/
Siegfried P. Christmann/

Dartfrog is pleased to be able to offer these new books for 2004 totalling 790 pages of wonderful photos and text.
Siegfried Christmanns journey through northwest South America details his experiences in narrative and photo-diary format of the habitat of the poison dart frogs within that region. These A4 glossy card covered books are an absolute must for anyone with an interest in either poison dart frogs or the forests of this region. Available as the complete three volume set only (as listed below).
1 set left in stock

Volume I
This volume deals mainly with the species Epipedoabtes tricolor in all its colour forms showing in detail its habitat and other reptiles and amphibians present within the region including other Dendrobatids. A comprehensive section at the end of the book deals with their captive husbandry.
184 pages

Volume II
This superb volume deals mainly with the Dendrobates quinquevittatus group including D. ventrimaculatus, lamasi, imitator, variable, reticulatus, quinquevittatus, & fantasticus. There are a superb selection of photos of both frogs and habitat as well as narrative. Again there is a comprehensive section at the end of the book dealing with their captive husbandry.
254 pages

Volume III
The final volume is concerned with the Dendrobates histrionicus group including D. histrionicus, lehmanni, sylvaticus, occulatator & mysteriosus as well as brief sections on other species. The photos of the habitat and all the various colour morphs are stunning. A comprehensive section at the end of the book deals with their captive husbandry and the difficulties associated with rearing and keeping the specialist eggs feeders of the histrionicus complex.
352 pages

Keeping & Breeding Rocket Frogs (Colostethus)/
TFH Publications Inc./

Literature on the genus Colostethus is extremely scarce and this gives some very interesting information on these frogs and is a must for anyone intending to keep them in captivity. 4 pages. This will be emailed to you as a PDF.

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