Last updated: 23-03-2021


Due to restrictions for importing orchids into the UK from the EU (which now require photosanitary certificates and CITES papers) our current range of orchids is reduced greatly for the time being. We hope to able to offer more species/varieties later in the year.

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Species Description Price Guide
Dartfrog Orchid selection Our choice of 3 x orchid species suitable for the vivarium. Each type will be a fully rooted bulb. price is inclusive of postage & packing (unless ordered with other items). RRP would be at least £42

Please do not ask for certain types of plants to be included. Please purchase named plants separately

Miniature epiphytic orchid
our choice

At the moment we are unable to obtain a constant supply of one particular species of orchid so we offer an unspecified type (at the time of ordering) and will send one from Angraeceum, Bulbophyllum, Dendrobium, Harella, Leptotes, Oncidium or Phaelonopsis. Invariably this will be an established plant mounted on EpiWeb. £12.99
Epidendrum porpax A dwarf Central American species that will grow in warm to intermediate conditions. It forms tight clumps and tends to climb. It doesn't like the roots too wet but thrives when uniformally damp. Plants provided growing on Epiweb.

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The Variable Maxillaria
Maxillaria variabilis

This free-flowering epiphytic orchid ranges from Mexico to Panama, and probably into the Guyanas.

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  New Guinea orchid
Mediocalcar decoratum

Beautiful, tiny-leaved depressed-growth epiphyte from New Guinea. Loves a warm, humid environment and grows well on cork, tree fern or EpiWeb. Bears a sparay of small candy-corn flowers. Supplied on EpiWeb.

The Japanes Sedirea
Sadirea japonica
Occurs in the sub-tropical forests of Japan and Korea at elevations of around 100 meters. Grow in moderately bright light in cool to intermediate temperatures between 50º to 75º F. Water regularly and allow the medium to dry out between waterings. Plant should be potted in a open mix of full treefern or 60% bark 40% perlite. Keep humidity around 40 to 60%

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Gomera (Sigmatostalix)

A creeping, grass-like orchid from the humid sub-tropics of Brazil. This produces a regular spray of small white flowers from September to February.
An excellent species for the dart frog vivarium.

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